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Why betting on Golf is like hitting a hole in one

Golf is one of the most lucrative sports. Top golfers are known to be some of the richest and most popular sportsmen of our time. For most golf fans, such amounts of money is something they can only dream of. But, one important thing that you should never forget is that sometimes dreams come true. One of the ways of earning large amounts of money is to bet on golf. All sports betting sites offer golf betting and if you think you know a thing or two about golf you should definitely give it a try. Another way, if you’re feeling lucky, is to play real money games at flash casinos. If your question is - why play at flash casinos? – you’ll surely find a satisfying answer. And if we go back to golf betting, there is a range of options there and the odds can be very favourable.

Types of golf bets

First, let’s see how betting on golf works. There are more than few possible types of bets that you can place.

- Odds to win is the simplest and most common bet. Here you bet on a player that you think might win a certain golf tournament or event. The bookies would typically list most players that compete starting from the one which is considered favourite. The odds for him will be lower than the odds for other players. The bet named ‘The Field’ is a bet that any of the non-listed golfers will win the event. The odds may be shown as decimal, fractional or money-line (American) depending on the bookie in question and your preference. Odds to win is often called ‘tournament winner’ or ‘outright’ bet.

- A matchup is when you bet on two selected golfers that participate in an event or a tournament. Here, the aim is to predict which of them will be more successful. For the purpose of this bet, your golfer doesn’t have to win, he just needs to be better than the golfer he has been paired with. It is possible to place a matchup bet on more than two players, usually 3.

- Place bet is when you bet whether a player will manage to finish in the top 5, top 10, or top 20, etc. If the player is tied for the place in question, then the winning amount is divided by the number of golfers with whom he shares the position. But if the bet is that a player will finish top 10 and he is tied for the 3rd position, then the punter will receive the full amount.

- Round leader is a bet on which player will be on top of the table after a particular round. In this case, it is not important which player will win the tournament and the money, if your player wins, is paid out right after the round in question is finished.

- Accumulator bet is a bet placed on more than one selection. The selections shouldn’t be connected in a way that if one of them is true, then another is automatically true. For example, if you bet that a player will win a tournament, you can’t also bet that the same player will finish top 5.

- The so called special bets are bets that are specific and are not usually part of the betting offer. Such bets can be on the number of tournaments that a golfer will manage to win in a given calendar year, or whether the same player will manage to win at least two of the majors.

Betting on US Open 2017

Even though the most important golf tournaments are behind us, it is possible to bet on the major events that take place in 2017. For example, you can bet on the winner of the US Open 2017, which will take place in Erin Hills. Jason Day is considered a favourite for now and most bookies offer odds at 7/1 on him, whereas McIlroy is considered second favourite at odds 8/1. Some bookmakers give equal odds to Day and McIlroy. The best odds that you can find for Jordan Spieth to win are 9/1. Then it is Dustin Johnson at odds that vary from 10/1 to 12/1. The odds on some golfers like Scott Gregory and Steven Bowditch are as high as 500/1.

Betting on the Masters

The same golfers are considered favourites to win the Masters. Here Day and Spieth are top rated and some bookies even offer odds at 6/1 on one or the other. However, the odds for each of the two, at some bookies are up to 9/1. The odds for McIlroy are slightly higher and you may even get odds at 10/1 that he’s going to win the Masters. Dustin Johnson again is considered to be the fourth best ranked golfer, followed by Bubba Watson and Adam Scott.

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